Crutches make you weak – say no to reservation

Posted by Sajith M on Jun 7th, 2006
Jun 7

This is to for SC/ST/OBS who might have wandered in to this site.

Please realize that Arjun Singh is doing you a great injustice. A man who uses a crutch that he does not need ultimately finds that his leg becomes useless and that is what is going to happen to your intelligence if they keep lowering the bar for you to cross.

Please support the anti-reservation movement for our good (yours and mine)

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2 Responses

  1. Aman Aman Says:

    Hi Sajith
    I read ur blogs against the reservations. I must say u write well.We at are starting a mega blog and we would welcome talented persons like u to join and unite together so that our voices are heard!
    Lemme knoe if u are intt

  2. ankit agarwal ankit agarwal Says:

    hey i have something to say on reservation.
    do visit my blog.

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