Zen In Grey

Posted by Sajith M on Apr 16th, 2007
Apr 16

Designed this wordpress theme for my blog, but feel free to use it if you like it :)
3 column, variable width theme with widget support.

Screenshot for the wordpress theme - Zen In Grey

This is my first attempt at creating a wordpress theme, and is based on the theme ZenLike. Let me know what you think.
Download Theme

Update 2007-10-23: Added gravatar support and updated the stylesheet to fix the problems with paragraph breaks.
Update 2012-02-16: Updated the blog to 3.3.1 and the theme seems to be working quite fine.

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86 Responses

  1. Naveen Mohan Shukla Naveen Mohan Shukla Says:

    Hi Sajith,

    Great work. Thats a nice theme.
    I Liked it a lot.

    Naveen Shukla

    Want to see some thing new

  2. pavan pavan Says:

    hi sajith,

    good looking theme, i am interested to have exclusive CMS type wp-theme. if you are interested. do let me know at my mail id.

    thank you


  3. melvin melvin Says:

    hi sajith :)

    i love your template.. however, i’m having some problems with it… i was hoping you could help me!

    when i write a post, i can’t seem to leave space between lines…!

    so something like:

    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


    shows up like:

    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


    do you know how i can edit the style sheet to allow the spaces in between lines?

    thanks! great job :)

  4. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Thanks Pavan, but frankly I don’t have the time to do a custom template. Sorry :)
    You can though take this template as a base to work on if you want – it’s released under creative commons.

  5. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Melvin, try setting the line height for <p>, or for <div>. Hope that helps :)

  6. Pau Pau Says:


    A great theme, but I’ve a little problem with it.

    I installed it in my new wordpress and import the file from my old one.

    The problem is that the text of each post is all together: without one space between the lines of paragrafs.

    can see the original in:

    and the Zen in grey version in:

    It was perfect if you can help me.

    Thanks !!

    info (arroba) arquera.com
    (From Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)

  7. Tom Tom Says:

    I too would like to set a blank line after all paragraphs. You suggested:

    , or for . Hope that helps :)”>
    Can you tell this newbie how that can be done?

    Otherwise I like your theme. Works well for me.

  8. Aiet Kolkhi Aiet Kolkhi Says:

    You may add the following line to your /wp-content/themes/zen-in-grey/style.css file:

    .entry p {
    padding-bottom: 1.0em;

  9. Splogger Splogger Says:


    first: Thank you so much for this fantastic design. I took it for my blog and it works fine! (www.splogg.de)

    I solved the problem with the missing blank line by deleting this lines in style.css:

    clear: both;


  10. Splogger Splogger Says:

    Ups, sorry. Forget my previous post… That’s not true. It works with those lines, only:

    .entry p {
    padding-bottom: 1.0em;

    Sorry, again

  11. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Thanks Aiet and Splogger

  12. Roger Roppestad Roger Roppestad Says:

    Great theme, but a have problems with the “Recent Comments”. Its no problem to write a comment, but it will not be shown at the right sidebar.
    Anye clue what it can be?


  13. Sajit Sajit Says:

    Nice theme…wonder from where u got it…check out my site. My name is
    Sajit Nair…
    Site url:www.sajit.co.nr

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  15. Jessie Jessie Says:

    Great theme, same problem with the comments not showing up on the right sidebar. Any clues, Sajith? How did you fix this Roger?

  16. Karl Karl Says:

    I had the same problem(s):

    As far as the line spacing between paragraphs, the above fix works like a charm. The only other thing I would say about it was that I put it in the section of the style.css file under #content. I found that if you put it at the beginning of the css file, it would put a blank line between everything (i.e. Blog Title and Tagline).

    The Recent Comments feature likewise did not work for me out of the box either. I was using a plug-in called get-recent-comments for another blog using a different theme and downloaded it for this theme and it works great. You can get that plugin at: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/get-recent-comments/

    Other than that, Sajith I commend you for creating a very attractive design. We enjoy it very much.

  17. Karl Karl Says:

    I am noticing however, that the comments are still suffering from a lack of paragraph breaks. It seems that the comments on this page are doing the same. Does anyone know where to make the fix for the comments?

  18. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Roger, Jessie, you can add the comments widget to your right sidebar and it should work fine. In the admin section, go to Presentation -> Widgets and drag and drop the “Recent Comments” widget onto Sidebar 2. Hope that works fine.
    Karl, Hopefully the lack of paragraph breaks in comments section is now fixed.

  19. Karl Karl Says:

    Thank you Sajith. That seems to have done the trick.

  20. Jeff Jeff Says:

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: wpstats in

    themes/zen-in-grey/header.php on line 13

    wp2.3, zen in grey 1.1

  21. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Jeff, Thanks for pointing that out. Am using wp-Stats for statistics and had referenced that in the header file. I have removed that reference and updated the archive as well. Download the latest version and let me know if it is still a problem.

  22. Justin Justin Says:


    This is a great theme. I have some questions if you don’t mind and am a novice. I am creating several pages through your theme and need subpages for each one. I am curious if you know what code I might be able to enter in order to get the subpages to appear in a drop down format at the top of the screen, just below the parent page names (in your site here, ‘home’ and ‘about’ are your parent pages at the top). I am looking for this only because I am going to have 2-5 subpages for every parent page and I think this will get cluttered if I use the left or right sidebar for my subpages to appear. If you take a look at my site you’ll be able to see that my parent pages are all at the top and that I have taken them out of the sidebar. I’m looking to come up with a way to have the subpage in drop down style. Thanks so much and I hope that what I’m saying makes sense.

  23. Justin Justin Says:

    I noticed there was a mention of a fix for the lack of paragraph breaks in the comment replies. What was the fix? I am having this problem as well and don’t know how to fix it. Additonally, the space between normal blog text and the beginning of a block quote is not the same the end of a blog quote and the resuming of the blog text. It’s as if there isn’t a paragraph break between the end of the block quote and the proceeding regular blog text. Am I making sense?

  24. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Justin, I have updated the stylesheet in new version to fix the lack of paragraph breaks in the comments sections. Please download the new version, and take a look at the css file (.commentlist section) to see the changes.

    Space between blocktext and new paragraph is governed by the margins, you may need to modify the margins used in the stylesheet for the paragraph or blocktext tag.

    This theme was designed for a single level of menu, and what you are trying to do is to have two layers. I think you will need to modify the header.php file to fill pages and/or subpages. Take a look at wp_list_pages for more information :-)

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  26. Tim Tim Says:

    Firstly, thanks Sajith for creating and sharing this theme! I have now decided that I will stick with this theme on my site. After having spent a couple of hours searching through almost all the themes listed in the WordPress theme site, this is the best one, in my personal opinion, which is enabled for 3 columns and widgets. Great job thanks.

    Secondly, thanks Aiet Kolkhi and Karl for sharing the fix for the line break issue that was having me pull my hair out!

    Lastly, it was only my noticing that Sajith had noticed I had used his theme, that I noticed the fixes for the comments and body line break issues… *chuckles* ahh gotta love the net’s interconnectivity ;) Cheers to all of ye guys.

  27. Dave Dave Says:

    I really like the theme (Zen in Grey) but cannot figure out how to get it to take paragraph and line breakes. Even entering straight html code dosen’t work.

    You mention that in October you corrected this problem – not on my copy of the theme.

    Is the updated verion of the theme located somewhere other than the WP Themes section?

    I’d like to use this theme but can’t as is.


  28. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Dave, I have not updated WP-Themes but the download link in this post is updated. Here is the link again.

  29. Stevo Stevo Says:

    Hi! Great theme. The thing I don’t like is the giant spaces between the widgets in the sidebars. Is there a way to make this space smaller?


  30. John John Says:

    great theme – and even better after getting the fix for the above mentioned problems.

    I’m still playing with it some to personalize it. It’s becoming more “zen in blooming looneytic”.

    can’t thank you enough

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  32. Ricky Robinson Ricky Robinson Says:

    Sajith, this is a fantastic theme. I recently updated my blog to use your theme. Thanks a lot!

  33. Josh Josh Says:

    This is a great template! A problem I have found is that I can’t seem to activate a trackback link. Or any support for pings?

    Anyone else have this issue?

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  35. Ville Myllylahti Ville Myllylahti Says:


    Excellent theme. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks a lot, you made my day!

  36. Deti Deti Says:

    Great work.
    but I have no category included in category (in menu) and nomber near that. Like
    City Life (10) > Bangalore (10) >Infrastructure (1)
    it is feature?

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  38. Julio Angel Ortiz Julio Angel Ortiz Says:

    Love the theme and this thread has been a great help (I downloaded from WP-Themes and had issues with the paragraph breaks). I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the great work.

  39. karl karl Says:

    anyone else having problems with WP 2.5 & this theme?

  40. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    karl, am running 2.5 and not having any problems, what problems are you having?

  41. Tillmann Tillmann Says:

    Beautyful theme, thanks!
    I made some modifications to it… if you want to see how it’s looking like: Sabrejaponais.fr>

  42. Incidental Blogger Incidental Blogger Says:

    Hi Sajith, thank you for a great theme which I have selected for my blog as well. There, however is a small problem. For some reason SnapShots is not working on this theme. I have installed the plug in and it works perfectly with the other themes I tried in this blog, except this particular theme. Any idea?


  43. Incidental Blogger Incidental Blogger Says:

    also, it looks like that the theme (the update version 1.1) comes with Google Advertisements enabled. Is there any way to disable them?

  44. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Incidental Blogger, thanks for pointing out that I had left the google ads code in there. It has been removed now (r_sidebar.php is the only file that got updated). The theme zip file has been updated. Download it from here.

  45. IB IB Says:

    Many thanks Sajith. It worked. I must congratulate you to come up possibly with the best WP theme. Just so that it can be made even better – thought I should bring this to your attention that I could not make the theme work with SnapShots. Something in the code is preventing the previews.

    Thanks again and have a nice day.


  46. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Incidental Blogger, Snap Shots should be working now. Updated the theme again (change in footer.php). Download link

  47. IB IB Says:

    it works Sajith, fantastic ! many many thanks.

  48. Hikari Hikari Says:

    Sajith your plugin is really the best! :)

    Could you tell me (or link me a tutorial) how you did to list pages as a horizontal menu?

    And how you put a dot on the left of categories, archives, etc on sidebar. Could you point me where it is on css?

    tnx a lot for your theme :D

  49. Raz Raz Says:

    Love the theme! It’s perfect for my site.
    Likambo.com Thanks for making it available.

  50. Matt Matt Says:

    I want to thank you for a beautiful theme. I would like to make two small changes but don’t know much about css and I’m hoping that you can take the time to help me.

    I would like to make the title of my posts bigger. For example 14 pts. If you are someone on here can tell me what I need to change to make this happen that would be great.

    Also, is there any way to make the space in between the sidebar information.



  51. Beverly Beverly Says:

    Hi; I love your theme. But, I would like to know how to remove the bullet points in the sidebars?

  52. Daniel Daniel Says:

    Hi. Great template! I have one question.
    How can I add some text to the right of the header image? (not text in the header image itself but to the right of it.). I’m trying to put adsense adds there.

    thanks for any help.

  53. t9999clint t9999clint Says:

    thx allot I’ve always liked this theme and the latest updates solves the few things I didn’t like about it.

    I’ve heavily modded the theme and am using it with two sites.


  54. Kristen Kristen Says:

    Hey Sajith,

    I love this theme and am using it to build a website. I was wondering if you had any advice on a small problem I’m having. I am trying to do some pretty simple alignment with three images that I would like to have arranged side by side (but with some space between each) on this webpage: http://girlwpen.com/?page_id=4.

    I’ve classed the images as “right” “centered” and “left” and have been trying to play around with the margins, but the right image always gets pushed off to the side for some reason, no matter what I do. I was wondering if you had any advice on what I might be overlooking in trying to align the themes, or if there is a plugin that you know of that would help me play around with images better ?

    Many thanks for all your help and a beautiful theme!

  55. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Don’t know of any plug-in that would allow you to play with images. Here is the code that would allow you to place the images reasonably well (it’s not perfect)

    Replace this block of code:
    <p><img src='http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3025/2665930694_3d5302e022.jpg?v=0' alt='Left' class='left' /><img src='http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3025/2665930694_3d5302e022.jpg?v=0' alt='Center' class='centered' /><img src='http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3025/2665930694_3d5302e022.jpg?v=0' alt='Right' class='right' /></p>
    with this one:
    <div style="width:100%; clear: both; float: right;">

    <img src='http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3025/2665930694_3d5302e022.jpg?v=0' alt='Left' style="float: left;" />

    <img src='http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3025/2665930694_3d5302e022.jpg?v=0' alt='Center' style="float: left; position: absolute; left:45%" />

    <img src='http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3025/2665930694_3d5302e022.jpg?v=0' alt='Right' style="float: right;" />


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  57. blog template by evy blog template by evy Says:

    dear mister sajith
    I thank you for your theme. And I also do some modification with this theme, of course I don’t delete your credit.

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  59. Richard Skenderian Richard Skenderian Says:

    Thanks for the excellent theme.
    Yes, I use it :)
    though I modified it somewhat – and it’s best viewed at a higher resolution.
    I’ll put a link, but you can delete it if you want:
    I changed the icons to my own photos: the site doesn’t work at 800×600 now.
    – Richard

  60. Lia Suzuki Lia Suzuki Says:

    Hey, thanks for the great theme, Seth! It looks great for my Japanese Lessons site.

    The other day though, I changed the name of my site from “Japanese Language Learning Center” to “Japanese Lessons.” (I did it in the “settings” page, of course.) All the pages automatically had their titles changed (yay!), except the first page. (darn…) I even tried inputting it manually in header.php. It still came up with the old name. Any ideas?

  61. Lia Suzuki Lia Suzuki Says:

    sorry… totally got your name wrong, Sajith…

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  63. Lia Suzuki Lia Suzuki Says:

    Anyone know how I can get the title tag on my first page to change. All the other pages now have my new site title tag except the first one…

  64. Bronislava Bronislava Says:

    Actually, quite frankly, the commentary is more interesting messages themselves. (Not to insult the author, of course:))

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  66. partoba partoba Says:

    Nice simple WP theme. I like the simplicity but elegant color. Thanks.

  67. 生活健康网 生活健康网 Says:
  68. Morten Morten Says:


    I am using Theme on several blogs and i am quite happy with it, one think i although would like to have changed is leave a comment, can anybody recommend a plugin which could make it look nicer?

    I also would like to have option (which is missing here right now) that i can click that i want E-mail when there is new comment to this thread?

    I would be glad to get any suggestion



  69. Terry Carter Terry Carter Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to change the meta on this theme? I am using the all-in-one SEO pack but my Meta data is not changing….

  70. suburose suburose Says:

    i was trying to tweak the spacing between the bullets, the bullet shape (from circle to +), and the padding/margin at the bottom.

    can you point me to where on the stylesheet i would make those changes? i can’t seem to figure it out…

    thanks! love the theme. :)

  71. Karl Karl Says:

    I wonder if anyone else is having trouble with the latest WordPress update (2.8). Since I updated, I’m finding that my paragraph breaks in some of my posts are being stripped. Has anyone noticed that? And is it a function of the new update or of the theme?

  72. Croatia-expert Croatia-expert Says:

    You mean the Title?

    if so you change it under general settings

    All in one seo will take care of rest, on tip is to remove global title from the post title, i did that and got much better position in google on important keywords

  73. Boligkroatien Boligkroatien Says:

    Is there any easy way to change colors lay out of the blog?

    Also i would be great a pull down menu for subpages, is that something which can be easily fixed?


  74. ServicesCroatia ServicesCroatia Says:

    Hi Boligkroatien

    I can help you with changing the colors of the template, just mail me at info(at)servicescroatia.com

    Suppage is beyong my knowledge level (-:

  75. Boligkroatien Boligkroatien Says:

    I am looking to chang a few thinks on my blog

    1. The colors
    2. i would like to have suppages as a pulldown menu

    Any help appriciated

  76. companiescroatia companiescroatia Says:

    Can anybody recommend me a good social network plugin which works well with this blog?

  77. Croatianews Croatianews Says:

    I managed to fix problem the CSS problem regarding the spaces between links, feel free to mail me if you would like the code

  78. Pula Pula Says:

    I just helped a friend of mine tweeking your theme a bit, he had problem with the space like several other, i think it would be good idea if you could fix that problem in general.

    Brgds, Ivan

    And of course also Happy New Year

  79. Sajith M Sajith M Says:

    Thanks @Pula. Would you be kind enough to post your update – I would love to link to it.

  80. Ashley Ob Ashley Ob Says:

    Attempt has gone right.Each time it will be better and better.Best wishes.

  81. Matt Matt Says:

    Hi Sajith,

    Thanks for making your theme available. Without much knowledge I began using your theme for our website haveartwilltravel.org. As I was customizing it I took it from 3 columns to 1.
    Now we would like to use it for a blog as well and I would like to bring it back to 3 columns.
    Do you have any advice on how I can do this?
    Thanks for any help you can give.


  82. thoo2 thoo2 Says:

    Hi Sajith,
    I’ve been using the theme since 2007 and some modifications had been done as well. Thank you so much for the wonderful theme, however I find the big space in between widgets is a bit of problem.

    I hope you may help.

    By the way, http://thoo2.net is a Chinese travel blog.

  83. Istria Istria Says:

    Wow, great theme…i’ll use that them for my next blog:)

  84. tom tom Says:

    Can you tell me if this theme is compatible with WP 3.2 ?
    Thank you,
    – Tom

  85. Najam Vozila Najam Vozila Says:

    i can say only, this theme is really fantastic….

  86. Bhavesh Bhavesh Says:

    Hi Sajith,

    Great work. Thats a nice theme.
    I Liked it a lot.

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