Does our culture need someone to defend it?

Posted by Sajith M on Jan 29th, 2009
Jan 29

The incident last weekend in Mangalore, in which women were physically assaulted by a bunch of goons bearing allegiance to the Sri Ram Sene – a fringe right-wing outfit – simply because they chose to visit a pub is a matter of shame for the entire nation.

What culture are we talking of protecting? Is violence against anyone you can think of part of this culture? Is assaulting women also part of this culture that we talk of protecting? Does this culture endorse everything that happened at Mangalore?

Some people with a warped sense of Hinduism and Indian culture seem to be hell bent on imposing their view on the majority of people. And so far this intimidating tactic seem to be working with great effectiveness, thanks in no small part to our police force that seems to be virtually blind to everything that happens around it.

Incidentally, Mr. Pramod Muthalik please understand that culture cannot be static, rather it evolves with people. A culture that does not evolve with the times, simply dies. Indian culture is what India is now, it cannot be what India was 500 years earlier, or whatever else is it that you imagine it to be. If you prefer to remain a few centuries behind the rest of us, you are welcome to it; just don’t make everyone else do the same.

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3 Responses

  1. AKD AKD Says:

    Thats interesting: “Culture Evolves”.

    Most people EQUATE culture with history!!!

  2. Ekawaaz Ekawaaz Says:

    if India really wants to become super power all this sort Ram and Rahim sena. they are here to destroy our India.

  3. Neo Krishna Neo Krishna Says:

    AKD, today is history tomorrow. Do you now see how culture evolves?

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