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Posted by Sajith M on Feb 7th, 2009
Feb 7

The Hindu writes:

“Our activists will go around with a priest, a turmeric stub and a mangalsutra on February 14. If we come across couples being together in public and expressing their love, we will take them to the nearest temple and conduct their marriage” Mr. Muthalik said.

Now is this not absolutely great? I mean this is the best social service anyone can do. Think about it, you love someone but the parents don’t like the idea, so what do you do?
Well, thanks to the Muthalik Wedding Services, all you need to do is be with your loved one and get caught by the activists; they will get you married (hopefully, you won’t be charged for the service) and then you can go back home (now as a couple) and tell everyone concerned that you were forcibly married by Mr. Muthalik’s activists. Ah! Is that not so very simple? :-)

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  1. ekawaaz ekawaaz Says:

    Lol..he is an Idiot and need some good slap on his back…

  2. muthalik wedding muthalik wedding Says:

    Yes this is a great service. Are there any legal implications?

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