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Posted by Sajith M on May 8th, 2012
May 8

So you have a Dropbox account and now Google drive is providing 5 gig of space. Won’t it be nice to sync the two. Unfortunately, its not easy. You cannot ask both the apps to use a common folder. Each syncs off a special folder: ‘Dropbox’ for Dropbox and ‘Google Drive’ for Google Drive (did that surprise anyone?)

Initial approach was to create a folder ‘Storage’ and create two links to this folder – ‘Dropbox’ and ‘Google Drive’. Google complains that we have the name right but its not the original folder. Well, I told you it was not really straight forward.

So here is the approach that works. Shut down both the applications. Rename the ‘Google Drive’ folder to ‘Storage’ (or whatever pleases you). Create a hard link to this folder called ‘Google Drive’ and another one called ‘Dropbox’. You may wish to copy the Dropbox files to another folder before deleting the original folder and then copy it back. Here are the commands to execute this (on my Windows 7 machine)

C:\Users\sajith.m>rename "C:\Users\sajith.m\Google Drive" Storage

C:\Users\sajith.m>mklink /H /J "C:\Users\sajith.m\Google Drive" C:\Users\sajith.m\Storage
Junction created for C:\Users\sajith.m\Google Drive <<===>> C:\Users\sajith.m\Storage

C:\Users\sajith.m>mklink /H /J "C:\Users\sajith.m\Dropbox" C:\Users\sajith.m\Storage
Junction created for C:\Users\sajith.m\Dropbox <<===>> C:\Users\sajith.m\Storage

Start the applications and things should be synced between the two.

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  1. Renish Renish Says:

    life saver… same works wit skydrive? have 25 gb but kinda useless atm…use gdrive and dropbox only :|

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